Little Harvest was originally born out of a need I experienced as a working mother who wanted to feed her new baby freshly prepared food without compromise. As many of you know, being a first time mom, working a demanding job and cooking from scratch is overwhelming. I wasn’t sure what was appropriate to feed my baby and didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing his meals (even though I love to cook!).

I figured there were many other moms that had the same pain point as I, so I left my full-time job and created Little Harvest – a baby meal delivery service! It was a great experience, but a little much for me at the time. Turns out cooking baby food for multiple babies is way more daunting than just one (LOL)!

After a three year hiatus and another baby, I decided it was time to rebirth Little Harvest as a culinary resource for families with young kids. In our house we cook together. Not every day, but at least a couple times a week. It fosters healthy eating habits and teaches children useful kitchen skills early on. It’s also a lot of fun to spend quality time together creating delicious meals and snacks.

I’m hopeful that our whole food, family-friendly, recipes will be a hit with the entire family, including baby!