When to start baby food?

It’s a question many first-time parents have, “When is it time to start baby food?” To help demystify this common question, we sat down with our Pediatric Nutritionist, Marisa Persky MPD, RD, LDN to see just when it’s appropriate to introduce baby food to your little one.  Marisa notes there is no set guideline that suits all babies, but for full-term infants she mentions some things to consider below about introducing baby food to your little one. 

These commonly used signs, indicate your baby might be ready to start baby food. 

  • Baby can hold his head up and sit in a high chair with good head control.
  • Baby shows interest in the food you are eating, follows the food to your mouth, reaches for your food, or opens his mouth when food comes his way. 
  • Baby moves the spoon-fed food item from a spoon into his mouth and throat without spilling most out of his mouth. 

If your baby is showing the signs mentioned above, you must check with your pediatrician first to ensure your baby is ready to begin eating solid food. If you are given the okay, let the exciting journey of food exploration begin!

A few tips on best baby foods to introduce first: 

  • Foods that are rich in iron and protein. Iron-rich baby food is especially important for infants since their iron stores deplete postpartum. Lentils and other legumes are a great source of iron & make an excellent first food pureed thin and creamy.
  • Save fruits for last. Start with smooth purees of vegetables, wholesome grains & legumes.
  • Little Harvest has a complete Stage 1 plan perfect for introducing your baby to solid food. You get a box every 2 weeks delivered fresh with an assortment of 5 different varieties of smooth plant-based purees. You also get tasting notes so you know just what to do!
  • Add breastmilk or formula to solid food for an extra boost of nutrients and to thin down the consistency to your desired level.

Savor the wonderful experience of introducing your baby to {real} baby food! Try Little Harvest today!